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Thank you very much for viewing our web site which includes an extensive range of Quality Gates.

The main object of this site is to create the facility for anyone to order online the most comprehensive selection of wrought iron product available , and all at the click of a few buttons.

Ordering a set of drive gates, four posts, a single gate and a panel to fit an exact opening Can be quite a Challenge when buying standard gates and posts. Our aim with this site is to eliminate this problem completely,

To fit a gap of 18ft-6"(for example) is no problem

Simply select the drive gates and single gate required and the number of posts and calculate the size of the fill panel to suit your opening gap.

You can now order these online down to 1/8ins

We Offer 25 different styles of wrought iron drive gate with matching single gates and fencing panels,

but if there is a special size or style you would like or something completely different then just give the office

a ring ask for Janet and she will supply you with an immediate Quote

We are a small family company established over 32 years in the wrought iron industry, we take a great deal of pride and care in the manufacture of our Gates and Fencing. They are made from the best quality steel and are finished in an anti-corrosive zinc rich black primer (deep tank dipped). All our gates are supplied with adjustable hinges and reversible sneck's (not all manufacturers offer this feature). This means of course that all our gates have the facility to be adjusted for walls or posts that are not quite vertical and that you can choose whether the gate hangs on the left or the right by simply reversing the sneck. There is also a provision for a padlock to be fitted, note also that all gates can be adjusted to fit openings to plus or minus 1" of their standard widths

We manufacture all types of gates and railings for household use to large  industrial projects. We also supply our Local Council  with security gates and fencing  for the  Improvement and Development Schemes in the area of Kingston Upon Hull as well as the local police.  We have supplied and installed

We offer one of the largest selection of made to measure  wrought iron drive gates and wrought iron railings in the country, over 30 different designs available in matching wall and fencing panels, all at  excellent prices. We also make wrought iron gates to fit any opening size or location  for example (existing brick archways). We manufacture security grills in traditional Spanish designs for house owners abroad and have even installed them too

We manufacture flat top wrought iron single gates from 48.00. Arched top small wrought iron gates from 52,00. Wrought iron Driveway gates from 96.00. Tall side gates from 62.00.  both flat and arched tops, Tall double estate gates from 182.00 to 1000.00. wrought iron fencing panels arched or flat top, Box section wrought iron gates in hammer finish, wrought Iron Security gates from 115.00 to heavy weight gates fully galvanized  Gates from 250.00. Security window grill in ether traditional or Spanish styles & designs all prices are fully inclusive with

Material thickness on medium Weight Wrought iron Gates is frame 25mmx10mm and infill bar of 12mm maximum bar spacing on all our traditional gates is 100mm (4") or |Less

We Use Quality Steel Not Wrought Iron

Although described as "Wrought Iron" in accordance with common practice, and in common with almost all other manufacturers,

 Majestic Gates actually uses high quality mild steel for the construction of all Wrought Iron Products

Light Weight Range 20mm X 6mm Frames :Infill Bar 10mm Round

Standard Weight  Gates & Railings 25x10mm Frames: Infill Bar 12mm

Medium Weight Gates & Railings 30x10mm Frames 12mm infill Bar

Heavy Weight Gates Hanging Stiles 40mx15mm Cross rails 40x10mm 16 mm solid infill Bar

BOX Section Wrought iron Gates (Square Hollow Box Section)

POSTS (Single Gates and Panel 2" Square)

POSTS (Drive Gates and Tall Gates 2.75"" Square

All Posts Are Pre-Mark for Ground level

Padlock Facility

ALL Tall Wrought Iron Gates , Drive Gates, And Estates Gates Come with Provision For A Padlock to Be fitted

Specified on each Design By


(SW) Standard Weight

(MW) Medium Weight

(HW) Heavy Weight


NOTE :- Hopped or (Brentwood Gates & and Fencing)

Spaces between infill bars will vary according to size given, But will never be more then 4" (100mm)

We Believe that Our Standard of Workmanship and Quality Are Second to None

We Pride ourselves on  finish and  attention to detail, All our wrought iron gates whether they are for a cottage Town house

or stately home are all made to the same exacting standards. Gate designs/styles may vary slightly depending on the size and number

of bars in each product

We are constantly seeking to improve our wrought iron products and reserve the right to alter the design or

specification of any of our products at any time without notice or liability


All Our  Wrought Iron Products are Deep Tank Dipped in Black Zinc Rich QD. Enamel Primer

And Require a Further Coat or Two of Good Quality Exterior Metal Paint for lasting Protection

Please note that the Gold effect on some of our drawing are for presentation purposes only

All Wrought Iron Gates Can Be Galvanized if Required Ring For A Quote

Galvanizing Info

Please note that the very nature of Hot Dip Galvanizing can only be described as an industrial finish and can sometimes leave rough deposits

for more detailed info see below

Barrier Protection

Like paints, the hot-dip galvanized coating provides barrier protection from corrosion. Barrier protection, as it name implies,

protects against corrosion by isolating the steel from the electrolytes in the environment. As long as the barrier is intact, the steel will be

protected and corrosion will not occur. However, if the barrier is breached, corrosion will begin. The impervious nature of zinc makes

it a very good barrier coating. Furthermore, zinc corrodes approximately 1/10 to 1/40 the rate of steel depending on the environment,

making the corrosion rate of a thin zinc coating equivalent to a much thicker steel piece.

Cathodic Protection

In addition to barrier protection, galvanizing also provides cathodic protection to steel, which means zinc will preferentially corrode

to protect the underlying base steel.

The table (right) shows a series of metals arranged in order of electrochemical activity in seawater (the electrolyte). This arrangement

of metals determines what metal will be the anode and cathode when the two are put in a electrolytic cell. Metals higher on the scale

provide cathodic or sacrificial protection to the metals below them. Therefore, zinc protects steel.

The scale indicates magnesium, aluminum, and cadmium also should protect steel. In most normal applications, magnesium is highly

reactive and is too rapidly consumed. Aluminum forms a resistant oxide coating and its effectiveness in providing cathodic

protection is limited. Cadmium provides the same cathodic protection for steel as zinc, but for technical and economic reasons,

its applications are limited.

Sacrificial Zinc

As previously explained, zinc is anodic to steel; therefore, the galvanized coating will provide cathodic protection to exposed steel.

When zinc and steel are connected in the presence of the electrolyte, the zinc is slowly consumed while the steel is protected.

The zinc’s sacrificial action also offers protection where small areas of steel may be exposed due to cut edges, drill holes, scratches,

or as the result of severe surface abrasion during rough handling or job site erection (see illustration below).

Cathodic protection of the steel from corrosion continues until all the zinc is consumed.


Over the past thirty Years we have been asked many times, what is the best paint  for the protection of steel, The answer has always been the same


and most good quality metal paints will do that, It is a Lack Of paint That Causes problems

What is rust anyway? And Why does metal rust? Rust is the result of a conversion process that takes place when oxygen and moisture

come in contact with metal. The oxygen and water combine with iron to create a brown coating (hydrated ferric oxide) on the surface

of the metal. The interaction between the water and iron is accelerated if salts are added to the mix. Because the oxide that is

created is bulky and porous, it allows oxygen access to the iron below, causing additional oxidation. If allowed to continue,

the iron metal will be completely converted to ferric oxide or solid rust

All width sizes are actual gap or (opening) sizes and will be made as follows

Single gate opening size 36" will be made -5" for hinges and sneck fittings

and double gate or drive gates will have 5.5" taken off


When ordering posts with gates please make sure you supply total size of the opening including posts even if you are ordering one post we still need the total opening gap that the gate and post will fit into see below

A small allowance (2mm) 1/8inch will be deducted from opening gap sizes to allow for easy installation between brickwork

Top frame of panel (1/2")(12mm) down from the top of column brickwork or under copping stone (B), A gap of (1")(25mm)

is to be left between panel bottom and wall copping or brickwork at the bottom of the frame this is to allow for maintenance of the

wrought iron panel for future painting (C), The height or arch of the panel is between 5 and 6inches for point (A) to point (B)

depending on width. The gap between infill bars will always be 100mm (4")(100mm) or less (E).(d) on the drawing is an

adjustable foot for panel over (6ft-6") (2mtrs) wide All wrought iron panels are drilled for screw wall fixing


Please note: when ordering wall panels to fit walls & columns the panel fit as shown in the above diagram


All Wrought Iron Gates Come Complete With all necessary Fittings For Wall or Post Fixing

Gates arriving by mail order will be boxed up and the sneck on the gate will require unbolting, and re fixing in the correct position

this is placed in an upright position for delivery purposes only. any separate hinges, adjustable eyelets, lock keeps,

will arrive inside one of the cartons in a separate plastic bag

Please note we do not supply fixing bolts screws or plugs

You Will Require for brick wall fixing, A 8mm Masonery drill, 8mm Plastic Plugs, and 2" x 12g Screws

For wooden post fixing 2" x 12g Screw

*Tools required*

8mm masonry  drill

16 mm drill for floor fixing of drop bolts (Drive Gates only)

8 mm wall plugs and 2ins x 12 gauge or metric (6mm x 50mm) screws

Electric  hammer drill or better still a sds hammer drill

A level

And 19 mm spanner  or adjustable 

Tape measure


For Drive Gates, Single Gates,Tall Gates,and Folding Gates
Please note that the  latch is sent in a upright position for packaging and delivery purposes and needs Repositioning 
Put the adjustable eyelets into he gate mid way in the holes at the side of he gate and tighten.
From the highest  point of  the drive (or Path) place a 2ins block of wood or something measuring approx 2 ins under the gate
and position the gate flat along the wall so as   to gain access to fitting wall hangers
Then holding the bottom wall bracket In position carefully drill through the top hole on the wall fitting,
Then insert a plug into the wall bracket leaving it flush (don't  push plug right through!)
Screw to wall.
Plum the wall hanging bracket then drill and fix bottom screw  Next place the gate on the now fixed wall bracket .
Reverse the top wall bracket (stops gate being lifted off)
Plumb gate and attach top wall fitting as above
After levelling across repeat the process for the second gate if installing (Drive Gate)
After fixing both gates adjust the eyelets to space the gates evenly (Drive  Gates)
You can then drill plug and screw any remaining holes in the wall hanging brackets
On single gates or tall side gates  the latch is reversible simply undo the bolt and fix at the appropriate side,
Attach the latch or lock  sneck holder with two plugs  And screws (Single Gates)


*Folding Gates Only*
The very nature of folding gates is that they naturally want to twist when opening for this reason.
We suggest aligning  the gates together  in the centre before fixing any wall brackets.
 Special cranked hinges are available for Folding Gates  to facilitate  better alignment in the centre ( please ask)
Folding gates are normally fitted a little higher from floor  we recommend 3ins clearance from ground to gate
2 screws are provided for locking the top hinges in position  this (stops the  gate from being lifted off )
super  glue can be used for a more permanent  fix
Please note gates are supplied  in primer coat  only
Apply a good coat of  spirit based paint on final installation


*Post Fixing*


Dig a hole 12inches square or thereabouts  not round as square produces a stronger fixing a lest 18" deep.

If you have dug the holes and the bottom of the hole is clay or soil you are in luck, place the post in the hole and level for plumb

Place a block of wood on top of post and with a hammer knock the post down into the earth an extra 4"or 5",  to the mark on

the post plumbing it as you go this should leave the post in a fairly stable condition, supporting itself until concrete is

placed in holes. this action alleviates the necessity for props to hold them in positionLevel from the top of post at point (c)

to the next post, remember to take into consideration any rise in terrain of the drive Repeat the procedure above except making

sure the two post are level. The mark on the second post may be above ground if the floor was not level This mark could be ground off if required.

fitting wrought iron arched gates into existing brick archways requires a little bit of positioning to allow the gate to open fully.

attempting to fix a arched gate in exactly middle of the brickwork that is 9" wide or more. can lead to problems with the arched

part of the gate binding with the brickwork when fully open.ideally fix the gate no more 3.5" to center of fittings from face of brickwork

checking that the gate opens properly before fixing

Posts arrive with hanging fitting attached to the post, but latching post come with a separate catch the reason for this is that

when concreting post in it is very difficult to line the gate up and is much easer to fix the catch afterward when every thing is fixed

or set , self drilling self tapping screw are provided for fixing no pilot holes in post are required a cordless drill is ideal for fixing .

Posts also arrive with marks on the bottom showing ground level if the posts are fitted at this point a gap of 2"

will be left underneath the gate

All our wrought iron fencing panel That are attached to metal posts come pre- drilled and supplied with self

drilling self tapping fixing screw bolts for easy D.I.Y. installation no welding is require

would recommend a proper mixing of concrete rather than these diy post fixing bags ,A mixture 3.2.1 fairly wet: of Gravel 20mm

2of Sharp sand and 1 of CementWe always use extra rapid cement this allows you to fit the gates 2/3 hours later depending

on weather. Extra rapid cement is available from B&Q at about 10.99 A bag (20Kg) or  Wicks in smaller bags

Once the posts are set, place the bottom adjustable eyelet on the gate (midway position) and stand  on post put second top 

adjustable eyelet on post and draw the top of the gate into it (reversed hinge pin), same with the second gate if (drive) and 

adjust both for level with each other, leave about 1/2" clearance between gates Job Finished Note: Don't forget to give all gates

a good coat of spirit based paint as soon a possible( preferable before fixing)

When installing wrought iron fencing panels over garden or paths that have a lot of fall it will be necessary to drop each panel as

you progress along, Find the level from point (A) to point (E)  on the drawing above, calculate the amount of drop and divide this

by the number of panels in that run. Fix the panels as above

fix the gate as normal by attaching the screw on brackets to the wall at the desired height with the bottom of the gate approximately

2ins from floor you can reverse the top bracket for security purposes if required. this will stop the gate from being lifted off. if you

have purchased steel post you will have to fix the bottom adjustable eye bolt to the gate then place it on the lower bracket on the post

then holding the top eyebolt on the top post fitting draw the gate onto it. adjust the fitting till there is a 2-1/2in gap from wall line up the

locnlatch keep and screw into position

On steel post use the self drilling self tapping bolts provided

before attempting to lock the

gate make sure the latch is adjusted to the first stage on the keep and that the gate opens freely push the handel in to lock.

Delivery Prices Quoted Apply To The UK Mainland Only But do not cover the Scottish Highlands or Ireland
Please contact our office for a Quote

Please allow up to 28days for Delivery
Most Order Dispatched in 14 Days

Please Note:- Once Goods Are Dispatched They will Normally Be Delivered Next Day But Can Take Up To 3 Days

Check with The Office or Email for an Exact Time

Please contact the office for Quote to deliver to any other Region or Country

All prices Quoted for wrought iron gates and railing etc include all fittings, hinges, brackets,

etc but do not include posts

Wrought Iron Drive Gates from £96 (Brooklyn Style)

Wrought Iron Single Gates From £48

Wrought Iron Tall Arch Gates From £62

Wrought Iron Estate Gates From £182

ALL Prices Quoted Are Fully Inclusive with Free Carriage


Delivery Prices Quoted Apply To The UK Mainland Only But do not cover the Scottish Highlands or Ireland Please contact our office for a Quote

Avon, Bedford shire, Berkshire, Borders, Buckingham shire, Cambridge shire, Central Cheshire, Cleveland, Clwyd, Cornwall, County Antrim, County Armagh, County Down, County Fermanagh, County Londonderry, County Tyrone,Cumbria Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, Dumfries, and Galloway, Durham, Dyfed East Sussex, Essex, Fife, Gloucestershire, Grampian, Greater Manchester,Gwent, Gwynedd ,County Hampshire, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Highlands and Islands Humberside, Isle of Wight,Ken, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Lothian, Merseyside, Mid Glamorgan, Norfolk, North Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Northumberland ,Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Powys, Rutland, Shropshire, Somerset ,South Glamorgan ,South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Strathclyde, Suffolk, Surrey, Tayside, Tyne and Wear, Warwickshire, West Glamorgan, West Midlands, West Sussex, West Yorkshire, Wiltshire ,Worcestershire

Please contact the office for Quote to deliver to any other Region or Country

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Patent Pending

Specially made for tall wrought iron side gates

the lock works as a normal gate latch until it is pushed in.

key to open


3 Options are available

Option (1) With 4 drop bolts fixing between walls or posts folding as shown below

Option(2) with 3 drop bolts but with personnel access folding as shown below

Option (3) with 4 drop bolts this is for back of the wall fixing for maximum room between pillars




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8.0 powder coating please note any damaged done the the surface of wrought iron due to courier mishandling must be remedied

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