Alley gating scheme

Producing Less Crime, Less Noise, Safety & Security, Cleanliness, Community Spirit.

Alley Gating began in Newington and St Andrews (NaSa) in June 2004 This was made possible through four organisation forming

a steering group

Hull Community Wardens

warden provided the day to day contact with residents and liaised with manufactures (Majestic Gates) and other agencies


they provided funding and organised the contracts

Citysafe & Riverside Area Team

They provided expertise and support in dealing with problems

What difference have the Alley Gates made to people living in Newington & St Andrews

We spoke to 27 residents living in the areas of Mewing & St Andrews where alley gates had been fitted to find out what difference had been made to the neighbourhood and the quality of life. This is What they Said

Comments by residents

"if I hear anything in the alley...I go and look I'm not afraid to go out and investigates the Gangs are not there anymore
"I'm going to get a new pushbike now. I don't think i would have got one without the gates it would have been stolen out the back"
"its safer when you go on holiday knowing gangs can't get down the back"
"I got to meet people when i did the key signing. We are now talking about having flower beds and street BBQ"
"Now there is increased moral. People are getting new fences and doing up there gardens"
"The gates are the best thing we've ever had"
"The wardens Have been brilliant"

Comments by By 10 Agencies

We spoke to 10 Agencies that have noticed a difference as a result of the gates.  These include Waste Management, Environmental Health, The Abandoned Vehicles Team, The Antisocial Behaviour Team, Copshop, West Hull Regeneration and Renewal, Community Wardens, Citybuild, Citysafe and Hull City Council.


        Please Note:- the above is a  a survey carried out by Consortium Solutions on Behalf of Hull Community Wardens

This project is still on going and in full swing  December 2007, Majestic Gates are currently manufacturing and installing gates in the areas of Boulevard, hawthorn Ave,  Albert Ave, Glencoe St, Alliance Ave.

If you are contemplating organizing a gating scheme in your area or street you will require a signature from all residents, if you would like to print out a residents consent form click  here