Charleston Security Gates Excellent Security Gates

For Blocking Off Ten-Foots (alleyways)

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7"-0"to 7'-6"
7"-7"to 8'-0"
8"-1"to 8'-6"
8"-7"to 9'-0"
9"-1"to 9'-6"
9"-7"to 10'-0"
10"-1"to 10'-6"
10"-7"to 11'-0"
11"-1"to 12'-0"

Posts £95.00 Each 100mmx 100mm box section

Frame 50mmX50mm Box Section. 25mmx25mm box section Infill Bar. 2 mtrs High Supplied with Double Locking Drop Bolts Tank

Dipped in zinc rich QD.Enamel Primer (These Gates Can Be Galvanized) At Extra cost straight bar type

100mm gap between bars no room to place feet on top very dificult to climb over